1. Right There X

From the recording Tears of a Crown X



Yeah its hard, having a big heart, in a place like this

I love everybody, but to tell the whole truth I don’t trust anybody
Yeah, yeah, you try to try me I might, I might, I might
Yeah I might leave you right there
I might leave you right there,
I might leave you right there I’ll feel bad about it

I’ll feel bad about Thats honestly the truth
I feel bad about it Yeah IT was me or you
I still feel bad about man look what you made me do

I feel bad, I feel Bad, Waah Waah

I feel bad, even though I am neurotic feelings pass
Americans we dying young we living fast
Had to Boss up had to go get in my bag
(Get in my bag bag bag)

And thats a fact (Thats Facts)
I really gave it everything I had
Im really angry everyday I’m mad
This game is crazy bout Make spaz

Now here comes the money
Most of my supporters from another country
Aint no one on ones these nxggas love to jump me
I took all these lumps for these lump sums of money

These XXXXX gang up on me
I come in peace but I gotta keep a XXXXXX on me
(They won’t bang on me)
When it was man down nobody came to save me Brody
So why your hand out cuz I don’t got no favors
(Why you trade on me )

Hit her with the slam dunk, she wanna lay up on me
Hit a home run with the bases loaded
Hit a whole hunnet without the majors homie

Hit a whole hunnet get some goals honey
Get ya own money, get your own money

I love everybody
Try me, I might , yeah


I’ll feel bad about

Thats honestly the truth
Man look what you made me do