Kxng KO

Kxng KO (Formerly known as Kash Tha Ovadose - UGC), is an indie music / Hip Hop  tastemaker . 


KO is an songwriter, Producer, and engineer. self described as a "music nerd". Indeed a student of the  art and science of music.

A creative by nature, business ideas manifest almost as frequently as song ideas. Fashion Design is another example of KO's creative energy. All Merch is designed in house. KO's sneaker designs are of a superior quality, handcrafted and extremely limited

Ownership AND PARTNERSHIP is Most important.

From the Underground Up, ko's message has been about ownership, Leadership, Economic Freedom , AMBITION AND RESILIENCE. 


Songs to find...

Kash tha Ovadose

  • Mass Pike

  • Swerv

  • On Ya Body

  • Bring It Back

  • Created A Monster 



  • MY I'S


Kxng KO

  • Phonto Plug

  • FOMF

  • ROU

  • FEATHERS DON'T FLY X     (FEB 2021)

  • HANDLE MY BUSINESS X          (FEB 2021)

  • PHONTO SMOKING X      (MARCH 2021)

  • QD X (MARCH 2021)








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