From the recording Tears of a Crown X


Say that (Howl)

Living in the future
Its already tomorrow
You never ever ever
Seen a phonto in a bottle (2x)

Sanitized Purified
Phonto in a Bottle, Phonto in a bottle
Putting phonto in a bottle (2x)

Phonto Plug turned me to a big boy
Got some extra money when I cash out on some bitcoin
Work hard on my music hope you enjoy
Be your own boss when its hard being employed

I remember it was hard getting employed
Email the radio I couldn’t get no spins boy
Rap, Raps, acting like I won’t,….
Had to go out the city get some imports

Now I feel like Im to real for it
Im successful I aint even need a deal for it
Some dudes got tools they Aint built for it
I don’t mean to be rude but I still force it

Hop in a hot rod
Phontos in bottles, its phontos in bottles
Its K-X-N-G-K-O go check the dot com
Walk in the store not to buy its a drop off